Solar lamps are electric lamps that use renewable solar energy resources to convert solar panels into electrical energy. Solar lanterns are commonly used in solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar insecticidal lights, etc., with safety, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent controllable and other advantages. So, how much does a solar lamp cost? What brand of solar lamp is of good quality? How to use the solar lamp remote control? Learn the basics of solar lights with Solarbegin!

Solar Lamps

How about solar lights

A solar lamp is an electric lamp that converts solar panels into electrical energy. During the day, even on cloudy days, it is possible to collect and store solar energy. As a safe and environmentally friendly new electric lamp, solar lamps have received more and more attention.

Advantages of solar lamps

Energy saving and environmental protection: solar lamps use natural light to reduce electrical energy consumption; Solar lamps have no pollution and no radiation, which is in line with the modern concept of green environmental protection.

Safe and durable: At present, the vast majority of solar module production technology is enough to ensure that the performance of more than 10 years does not decline, and solar modules can generate electricity for 25 years or more.

High-tech content, low post-maintenance costs: solar lights using intelligent controller control, according to the natural brightness of the sky within 1 day and people in a variety of environments need to automatically adjust the brightness of the lamp. Solar street lights require only periodic inspections and minimal maintenance.

Installation of components building blocks, independent power supply: flexible and convenient installation, easy for users to choose and adjust the capacity of solar lamps according to their own needs.

Disadvantages of solar lamps

High cost: The total cost of a solar lamp is 3 or 4 times that of conventional lamps of the same power.

Low energy conversion efficiency: The conversion efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells is about 15% to 19%, and the conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells can theoretically reach 25%.

Affected by geographical climatic conditions: Due to the reliance on the sun for energy, the local geographical climate and weather conditions directly affect the use of luminaire lighting.

A complete list of solar lamp types

Solar lamp household type

Compared with ordinary LED lamps, solar home lighting is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but the price is also higher.Household solar lamps save energy and electricity, are also relatively environmentally friendly, and the safety is also very high, which is more suitable for household use. The installation of home solar lights is divided into four parts: panels, batteries, controllers and wire laying, let’s take a look at how to install home solar lights.

Solar energy as a clean new energy, has been widely concerned by the market, solar lights is the use of solar energy as energy lighting fixtures, used to be used in outdoor lights, with the development of technology, some families also use home solar lamps. Household solar lamps save energy and electricity, are also relatively environmentally friendly, and the safety is also very high, which is more suitable for household use. The installation of home solar lights is divided into four parts: panels, batteries, controllers and wire laying, let’s take a look at how to install home solar lights.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Home Lights

Solar lamp is a new type of environmental protection lighting fixtures, it is based on solar energy as the main energy, with the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection, solar lights are used in major fields, common solar street lights, solar garden lights, then home solar lights are good?

In general, home solar lighting fixtures are also better, on the one hand, its power consumption is relatively low, because it can collect solar energy, if it is rainy weather, you can also use the previously stored solar energy, or use the mains function; On the other hand, home solar lamps are also relatively safe, usually using 9V voltage power supply, there will be no accidental touch of the lamp head, electric shock and other situations.

There are two kinds of solar lamps, split type and one-piece type, the general family is more suitable for the use of integrated solar lamps, although the efficiency of collecting solar energy may be smaller, but it is better to be more convenient.

solar lamp household

How to install the solar lamp household type?

Home use of solar lamps, first of all, to install well, the installation of household solar lamps is divided into four parts: panels, batteries, controllers and wire laying, the specific installation methods are as follows:

1. Install the battery board

Determine the tilt angle of the panel according to the local latitude, etc., to ensure that the panel has sufficient sun exposure. After determining the angle, fix the bracket where the solar lamp is installed and fix the panel to the bracket.

2. Install the battery

According to the design requirements, dig up the buried tank pool, and put the buried box with the battery into the pool, lead out the line pipe, and cover the cement board. Before putting the battery into the buried box, it is necessary to determine whether the battery is intact, and it is usually recommended to put in two batteries of the same model and specifications and in series. The outlet of the buried box needs to be glued and the protective tube is fastened.

3. Install the controller

The controller is generally a special controller for solar power, when connecting the wire, first connect the terminal blocks of the battery on the controller, then connect the photovoltaic panel wires, and finally connect the load terminals. Be sure to pay attention to the battery, photovoltaic panels, load +, – pole can not be reversed, otherwise it may cause a short circuit. After connecting the wires, place the controller inside the lamppost and bolt it.

4. Lay wires

Put the lamp head on the lamp arm, adjust the illumination angle, and tighten it with screws. Connect the lamp head cable to the solar panel and tighten the waterproof connector. After connecting, test whether the solar lamp can be used normally, and then it can be put into use.

Solar signal lights

Navigation, aviation and land traffic needs of the signal lights, the use of solar signal lights to better solve the power supply problem.

Solar lawn lights

Suitable for residential community green grass landscaping lighting embellishment, park lawn beautification embellishment. It is safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

In the park, the grass of the community, usually installed with lawn lights, can provide lighting and decorative effects, solar lawn lights are a kind of solar energy as the energy of the lawn lights, the use of LED light sources, in general, the power of the solar cell module and battery capacity is larger, the longer the lighting time, requiring at least 5-8 hours of lighting time.

Solar lawn lights may be damaged by the light source, damage to solar panels, positive and negative poles of solar panels, etc., and the relevant equipment can be repaired or replaced. Let’s take a look at how long the solar lawn lights can be lit.

How long can the solar lawn light be lit?

Solar lawn lamp is a kind of green energy lamp, by the light source, controller, battery, solar cell components and lamp body and other components, a kind of garden light, mainly installed on the lawn, suitable for residential community green grass beautification lighting embellishment, park lawn beautification embellishment. So how long can a solar lawn light be on?

Solar lawn lights are different from traditional lawn lights, due to the choice of solar cells as the power source, and the use of LED light sources, its lighting time can be controlled. Solar lawn lamp lighting time can be set according to the user’s needs, and solar cell modules and battery selection ratio related, solar cell module power and battery capacity the larger, the longer the lighting time, in general, the standard solar lawn lamp can ensure that whether it is sunny weather or rainy weather, can maintain 5-8 hours of lighting time.

solar lawn light

What to do if the solar lawn lights are not lit?

Solar lawn lights are often used for grass lighting, as a kind of outdoor lighting, sometimes there will be damage, no lighting, so what is the reason why the solar lawn lights are not lit? The reasons and solutions for solar lawn lights not to be lit are as follows:

1. The light source is damaged

Due to natural or man-made reasons caused by the damage to the light source, resulting in the solar lawn light system can not work, when the light is not bright, flashing, etc., maintenance of the light source or replacement of the light source can be.

2. The solar panels are damaged

In the case of solar panels without any load connected to the multimeter to test its voltage, the general system working voltage is 12v, under normal circumstances will be higher than 12v voltage, only the voltage higher than 12V can be charged to the battery, if it is lower than 12V can not charge the battery, resulting in solar lawn lights can not work or working time is not enough, need to replace the solar panels.

3. The positive and negative poles of the solar panel are reversed

The solar garden light system will only be lit once after installation, and when the battery is used up, the solar garden light will no longer be lit, and the positive and negative poles of the solar panels need to be replaced at this time.

The use of solar lawn lights precautions

When installing and using solar lawn lights, the things to pay attention to are:

  1. the installation height should pay attention to, do not let the height of the lawn higher than the solar lawn lights, so as not to affect the collection of solar energy.
  2. When installing and wiring solar lawn lights, a wire not less than the distribution phase line should be used as a grounding wire to connect the metal shell of the lamp or lamp post to ensure good and reliable grounding.
  3. the installation of solar lawn lights should pay attention to the size of the spacing, so that its lighting effect is better and more ideal at the same time, but also to save costs.

Solar landscape lights

Suitable for squares, parks, green spaces and other places, not only does not destroy green space, but also gets a better landscape lighting effect.

Solar warning lights/sign lights

It is often used for illumination of night guidance indications, door numbers, and intersection signs that do not require a light flux of the light source.

Warning light is a kind of outdoor lamps that provide warning effect through strobe, generally used in road administration, fire protection, transportation and other fields, solar warning lights are a new type of warning lights, it uses solar energy as energy, no need for wiring and external power supply, carrying and installing are more convenient.

The installation method of solar warning lights is to connect solar panels, bases, warning lights, adjust the orientation of solar panels, and pay attention to installing them in places with sufficient sunlight when installing. Let’s take a look at the role and installation of solar warning lights.

What is the role of solar warning lights

Solar warning light is a kind of solar energy as an energy traffic signal, this outdoor lamp does not need external power supply, no wiring, simple and convenient installation, the use of solar power supply, widely used in road administration, fire protection, transportation and other fields. The main roles of solar warning lights are:

  1. When maintaining highways, place them in a suitable position to remind drivers to drive cautiously.
  2. Install in dangerous areas with traffic safety hazards on the highway, remind drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to safety and avoid traffic accidents.
  3. Installed in some dangerous road sections, such as highway intersections, curves, bridges, highway village intersections, school entrances, residential quarters, factory gates and other locations, which can play a warning role.
  4. Adsorb the solar warning light on the building at night, and open the switch to use the energy stored during the day to light up the lamp, which plays the role of building warning.
  5. the rear of the car or the rear window can also be placed a warning light, when the car failure to avoid rear-end collision.

The main function of solar warning lights is to install in various occasions that require warning, and remind others through the flickering of the lamp source.

solar warning lights

How to install solar warning lights?

Solar warning lights are mainly installed in various public places that require warning reminders, and the installation is very convenient. The installation method of solar warning light is as follows:

  1. Remove the solar panel and fix the fixing bracket and the solar panel together with rivets.
  2. Fix the solar panel bracket and the solar panel base with screws.
  3. Connect the connection line under the warning light with the junction box of the solar panel.
  4. Open the warning flash frame on the screw of the solar panel and the bracket fixed to the slow flashing lamp, and plug in the power plug.
  5. Fix the hoop to the column.
  6. Adjust the orientation of the solar panel, and then fix the screw.

What to pay attention to when installing solar warning lights?

The installation precautions for solar warning lights are:

  1. when installing on the building, pay attention to avoid installing in dark and wet places, and place in a place with sufficient sunlight to avoid being unable to collect solar energy normally.
  2. solar warning lights belong to outdoor lamps, should use a durable, waterproof, dustproof shell, and have the relevant internal circuit protection design.
  3. When not in use, it should be charged once every 3 months or so, and the switch should be turned off when charging.

Solar street lights

One of the main applications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices. Due to its overall power limitations, it is currently mainly used in village roads and rural roads.

Street lamp controller, as the name suggests, is the tool to control the street light switch, sometimes the controller, lamp network, street lamp remote controller, street lamp astronomical clock and other forms, street lamp controller has high reliability, small error, strong stability, strong anti-interference ability and other characteristics, can adjust the switching time of street lights according to the latitude and longitude and seasonal changes.

The street lamp controller adjusts the switching time is generally adjusted through the display screen, press the time control key, and correct it. Let’s take a look at the knowledge of the street lamp controller!

What is the street lamp controller?

The street lamp controller is a control tool for controlling the switch of the street lamp, and the scientific switch lamp is also an energy saving. At present, the domestic street lamp controller products mainly include: time controller, longitude and latitude street lamp controller, lamp network street lamp controller, street lamp remote controller, lamp network street lamp centralized energy saving appliances, intelligent street lamp special energy saving appliances, street lamp special energy saving control cabinet, street lamp astronomical controller / astronomical clock / celestial clock, intelligent street lamp energy saving control cabinet, street lamp energy saving control cabinet, street lamp saving power saving control cabinet, street lamp energy saving appliances, etc.

What are the characteristics of the street lamp controller?

  1. The use of micro-processing chip, high reliability, small error, strong stability.
  2. With the function of power off data preservation, the clock works uninterruptedly, and there is no need to replace the battery.
  3. Calculate the switching time according to the latitude and longitude, and reasonably control the switching time of the street lamp with the seasonal change.
  4. The use of liquid crystal display year, month, day, hour, minute, and with backlight, convenient for night observation and operation.
  5. With the function of selecting the number of channels, it can be easily set to 1 channel, 2 channel or 3 channel control.
  6. It has an independent maintenance button to facilitate the maintenance of electrical equipment or other needs.
  7. Strong anti-interference ability, can resist interference pulses with a direct input amplitude of 2000 volts from the power grid.
  8. High-power relay output, can be connected to 220 volt or 380 volt contactor, stable control, long service life.

What is the working principle of the solar street lamp controller?

Solar street lamp controller set electromagnetic technology, intelligent control technology, data control technology in one, in a controllable and gentle way under the intelligent adjustment, so that the output voltage is stable between the set rated range, street lamp controller to achieve the ideal combination of public lighting system working current and brightness requirements, to achieve power saving and optimization of power supply purposes.

The street lamp controller can calculate the sunrise and sunset time according to the operation law of the sun and the earth and the relationship between the longitude and latitude of the earth and the sunrise and sunset, and according to the law of the four seasons of the year and the longitude and latitude algorithm, so as to adjust the opening and closing time of the street lamp in time to ensure night lighting.

How to set the switching time of the street lamp controller?

The switching time of the street lamp is generally adjusted by the time control function of the street lamp controller, and the adjustment method of the street lamp controller setting time is:

  1. According to the time control, on is on, off is off, when the display on, press the “school time” and then press the “school score”, the time displayed at this time is the time to turn on the lights. If you need to cycle every day, you can press “School Week” to make the week all displayed.
  2. According to the time control, when the off is displayed, press the “school time” and then press the “school score”, at this time the display is the time to turn off the lights, after the setting is completed, return to the main panel according to the clock.

Solar insecticidal lamps

Applied to orchards, plantations, parks, lawns, etc., the use of more advanced LED violet lights, through its specific spectral radiation to trap insects.

With the development of technology, there are more and more methods and tools for controlling field pests, solar insecticidal lamps as a new type of insecticidal tools, mainly the use of solar energy storage of electrical energy, night discharge to insecticidal lamps and lanterns to work, insecticidal part of the use of pests of the phototropic portability, through electric shock type, water killing type, impact type, wind suction type four methods to kill pests.

Practice shows that solar insecticidal lamps have a wide range of insecticides, and can save labor time and reduce the amount of pesticides used, which is a high-quality insecticidal tool. Let’s take a look at the principle of solar insecticidal lamps.

What is the principle of solar insecticidal lamp?

Solar insecticidal lamp is a kind of solar lamp with insecticidal function, mainly composed of solar panels, controllers, battery packs, black light shells and light poles, etc. The insecticidal principle of solar insecticidal lamps is:

1. The working principle of the system

Under the control of the controller, the solar panels charge the battery pack during the day, and the battery pack provides power to the killing lamp load at night; As a source of electricity, solar panels store the electricity generated by solar energy during the day and discharge it to insecticidal lamps at night for their work.

2. The principle of insecticidal

Solar insecticidal lamps use the characteristics of pests such as phototropism, wave orientation, color orientation, and tendency, and use frequency oscillation wave technology to broaden the wavelength range of light to 320~650nm, using low-temperature plasma generated by discharge, ultraviolet radiation has a phototropic excitation effect on pests, and lure pests to the light source of the lamp; The specific insecticidal methods are divided into four types according to the principle: electric shock type, water killing type, impact type and wind suction type.

Solar insecticidal lamp

How about the use of solar insecticidal lamps?

Solar insecticidal lamp is a physical control method, widely used in food crop pest control, vegetable pest control, cash crop pest control, fruit tree pest control and other fields, is one of the more important pest control means in modern agricultural production, so how about the insecticidal effect of solar insecticidal lamp?

Solar insecticidal lamp is a physical insecticidal device that uses four kinds of insect attraction methods of light, wave, color and taste. It can trap 1287 kinds of agricultural and forestry pests in 87 families, and the control area of each solar insecticidal lamp can cover 30 to 60 acres of farmland, which can be used in a variety of farmland types, while alleviating energy shortage and protecting the environment, it also has the advantages of large capacity of insect bodies, saving labor time, and reducing the amount of pesticides used.

After years of field experiments, solar insecticidal lamps have been recognized by the majority of agricultural workers and are considered to be a high-quality pest control tool.

Solar garden lights

It is used in lighting and decoration of urban roads, commercial and residential quarters, parks, tourist attractions, squares and so on.

Solar garden lights

In the park, the community can usually see some beautiful lamps, they are garden lights, during the day can provide decorative effects, night can be lighting, with the development of technology and environmental protection of the call, gradually use solar lights as a garden light, the advantages of solar garden lights are green environmental protection, light health, long service life, high efficiency, but there are also unstable energy storage, higher cost shortcomings, in general, or better green lamps. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of solar garden lights.

How about solar lights for garden lights?

Garden lights are a kind of outdoor lamps, can be used as decorative items during the day, at night can emit lights to bring us light, many parks, squares and other areas will install garden lights, then garden lights with solar lights good?

Solar garden lights are a kind of garden lights, it takes solar radiation energy as energy, uses solar panels to charge the battery during the day, and uses the battery to power the courtyard light source at night, without complex and expensive pipeline laying, can arbitrarily adjust the layout of lamps and lanterns, safe and energy-saving pollution-free, and energy-saving and environmental protection, in advocating green development today, is a better outdoor lamp.

The advantages and disadvantages of solar garden lights analysis

Solar garden lights are composed of solar cell modules, brackets, light poles, lamp heads, special bulbs, batteries, battery boxes, cages and other parts made of monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon, which are widely used in lighting and decoration in courtyards, parks, playgrounds, commercial and residential areas, etc. This solar garden light has both advantages and disadvantages:

1. The advantages of solar garden lights

(1) Green environmental protection, high safety factor, small operating power, will not produce safety hazards, can also be recycled, small pollution to the environment, is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly green lamp.

(2) The light is healthy, the light illuminated by the solar garden lamp is soft and not dazzling, the light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, does not produce radiation, and has no light pollution.

(3) Long service life, due to the use of semiconductor chip luminescence, no filament and glass bubbles, the cumulative life of up to tens of thousands of hours, higher than ordinary garden lights.

(4) The use efficiency is high, can effectively convert solar energy into light energy, 90% of the electrical energy can be converted into visible light, much higher than ordinary incandescent lamps.

2. The disadvantages of solar garden lights

(1) Instability, in order to make solar energy become a continuous, stable energy source, and thus eventually become an alternative energy source that can compete with conventional energy, it is necessary to solve the energy storage problem well, that is, to store the solar radiation energy as much as possible during the sunny day for use at night or rainy days, but the energy storage problem is the weak point in the use of solar energy.

(2) The cost is higher, because of the efficiency and instability factors, the cost of solar garden lights is still relatively high, and the cost performance cannot be compared with the traditional conventional outdoor garden lights, and if you want to further develop, you need to solve the economic problem.


Using LEDs as a light source, it can be used in the field or in emergencies.

How do I know if my solar lights are good?

Solar lamp wattage

Solar lights are powered by batteries, and common electric vehicles, mobile phones, laptops, flashlights should belong to the same type of products, in terms of “watts”, in fact, it is not rigorous. At present, the “watt” and “W” that everyone says are based on traditional lamps.

Therefore, when buying solar lamps, do not stare at the “tiles”, but comprehensively consider: solar panel power, battery capacity, LED light source chip brand and quantity, system controller and other relevant data.

How Much Does solar lamp Costs?

The price of household solar lamps on the market varies according to the brand, configuration, power, model, etc., and the price ranges from $50 to $450.

Under the awakening of environmental awareness, many families have begun to use solar lamps, although the price of household solar lamps is more expensive than ordinary lamps, but the cost of electricity for subsequent use is lower, and it is still more cost-effective in areas with sufficient solar resources.

How much is a household solar lamp?

Solar lamps use clean solar energy as energy, you can convert solar energy into electricity by yourself, do not need additional electricity bills, and itself is relatively safe and stable, the application is more extensive, home solar lights have gradually entered everyone’s field of vision, so how much is a household solar lamp?

Household solar lamps are generally lamps and batteries integrated, compared with ordinary lamps, solar lamps belong to new high-tech products, the price is naturally more expensive than ordinary lamps, the general market of household solar lamps according to brand, configuration, power, model and other factors, the price is different, from $50 to $450, the general ordinary household 20W light source is enough, the use of 40W or 50W solar panels, about four $55 to $125.

Note: The above price source network, for reference only.

home-based solar lamps

How to choose home-based solar lamps?

Solar lamps energy saving and environmental protection, many families will choose to buy and install, especially in rural areas of the sun illumination is better, buying a home solar lamp is very cost-effective, but there are also many friends do not know how to buy solar lights, the following for everyone to introduce how to buy:

  1. According to the use to choose, if it is a daily use of the family, you can choose thin film solar lamps; If emergency use is required, it is more recommended to choose a dual-charging type of solar lamp.
  2. Look at the quality of solar lights, mainly look at the size of solar panels, solar panels and lamp body connection line, the size of the luminous surface and the number of lamp beads, the battery used and capacity, etc., which will directly affect the quality of household solar lamps and daily use.
  3. Look at the packaging of household solar lights, first look at whether its production brand merchants are regular manufacturers, followed by the content of the product testing report, etc., pay attention to ask whether there is a formal invoice as proof of purchase when purchasing.
  4. Comprehensive consideration of cost-effective factors, according to the needs of home lighting to choose the right power of solar lamps, and consider the price factor, choose a more cost-effective product is appropriate.


Solar light installation

The solar street lights on both sides of the road provide great convenience for us to travel at night, but the installation of so many street lights is also a big problem. How is it installed? There are many brands of solar energy manufacturers, how to avoid products of mixed quality and choose high-quality solar lamps?

Foundation pouring

Determine the position of the standing lamp → dig the pit → place the embedded parts → pour the concrete to fix it.

Determine the position of the standing lamp; Surveying the geological situation, if the surface of 1 meter 2 is soft soil, then the excavation depth should be deepened; At the same time, it is necessary to confirm that there are no other facilities (such as cables, pipelines, etc.) below the excavation position, and there is no long-term shading object on the top of the street lamp, otherwise the position should be appropriately replaced. Reserve (excavate) 1 meter 3 pits that meet the standards in the position of standing lamps; Positioning the pouring of the buried parts. The embedded part is placed in the middle of the square pit, and one end of the PVC threading pipe is placed in the middle of the embedded part, and the other end is placed in the battery storage place (as shown in the figure above).

Pay attention to keeping the embedded parts and foundation on the same level as the original ground (or the top of the screw is on the same level as the original ground, depending on the needs of the site), and one side should be parallel to the road; This ensures that the light pole is erected at the rear end without deflection. Then with C20 concrete pouring fixed, pouring process to do not stop vibrating rods to ensure the overall compactness, firmness. After the construction is completed, the residual mud on the positioning board is cleaned up in time, and the impurities on the bolts are cleaned with waste oil. During the solidification process of concrete, it is necessary to water and maintain it regularly; After the concrete is completely solidified (usually more than 72 hours), the chandelier can be installed.

Solar cell module installation

Before connecting the positive and negative poles of the solar panel to the controller, measures must be taken to avoid short-circuiting; the solar cell module should be connected to the bracket firmly and reliably; the output wire of the module should avoid being exposed and fastened with cable ties; the direction of the battery module should be To face due south, the compass points to prevail.

Battery installation

The connecting wires between the batteries must be pressed on the terminals of the batteries with bolts and copper gaskets are used to enhance the conductivity; after the output wires are connected to the batteries, short-circuiting is prohibited under any circumstances to avoid damage to the batteries; the output wires and wires of the batteries When the controllers in the rod are connected, they must be connected through PVC conduits; after the above is completed, check the wiring at the controller end to prevent short circuits. Close the door of the control box after it is normal.

Lamp installation

The solar panel is fixed on the solar panel bracket, the lamp head is fixed on the pick arm, the bracket and pick arm are fixed to the main pole, and the connecting wire is passed to the control box (battery box). Loosen the connecting wire of the solar panel on the controller, the light source works → connect the connecting wire of the solar panel, the light is off, and the installation is lifted.

Then in simple debugging whether the system is working properly; Loosen the sun plate connection line on the controller, the light source works; Connect the sun panel cable, the lights go out; At the same time, carefully observe the changes of each indicator light on the controller; Everything is normal before it can be lifted and installed. When the main light pole is lifted, pay attention to safety precautions; The screw is absolutely fastened, if the component has a deviation in the sunrise angle, it is necessary to adjust its sunrise direction completely south. Put the battery into the battery box and connect the cable to the controller according to the technical requirements; Connect the battery first, then the load, and then the sun panel; When wiring operation, we must pay attention to the wiring terminals marked on the controller cannot be wrong, and the positive and negative polarities cannot collide, and cannot be reversed; Otherwise the controller will be damaged. Debug whether the system is working properly; Loosen the sunboard cable on the controller, the light is on; At the same time, the sun plate connection line is connected, and the lights are turned off; Then carefully observe the changes in each indicator light on the controller; Everything is normal before the control box can be sealed.

Which solar lighting is better?

Consider the life of the whole lamp, there are several factors:

1. The life of LED constant current drive device

Solar street light manufacturers often tell customers that I have bought the best chip and the best battery, so the life is the best. In fact, because the solar street light uses DC power supply, the voltage is low and the current is large, each component is very critical, small to The internal resistance of a joint, the resistivity of the wire, (because P line loss = 12R). Of course, it has been proved in actual use that the main reason affecting the life of solar street lights depends on the life of the battery and the drive circuit of the LED light source. Take LED lamp beads as an example, the recognized life of LED lamp beads is 50,000-100,000 hours, but there is an electronic component electrolytic capacitor in the LED driver constant current source of conventional technology, and the service life of the electrolytic capacitor is generally 3-5 years. , the best Japanese ruby ​​in electrolytic capacitors can only be guaranteed for 5 years, which determines the life of the LED driver, and our company's LED driver is the LED digital constant current source driving technology patented by our company. There is no need for electrolytic capacitors, so it is not limited by its lifespan, and the lifespan of LED lamp beads, LED drivers, controllers and solar panels is basically the same, and the main materials are semiconductors.

2. Battery life problem

Solar street lights generally use AGL or GEL batteries. Conventional technology can achieve a service life of 3-5 years. Our technology can achieve 8-10 years. This is because the battery life is mainly affected by deep cycle. The number of times and the temperature of the working environment are affected. On the basis of other ordinary solar LED street lights, our solar lamp can save 70-85% of the patented technology, which greatly prolongs the cycle of one deep cycle of the battery, thereby prolonging the life. In addition, the working environment temperature of the battery The impact on the lifespan is very large. Our company uses nanotechnology in the battery to make it breathable and waterproof, and the battery is buried below the permafrost layer, so that our battery can obtain the best working temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius, while the conventional technology of solar street lights Most of the batteries are hung on the light pole or the ground (because there is no waterproof design). It is conceivable that in the hot summer, the temperature of the battery box is so high that every 10 degrees Celsius increase in temperature reduces the battery life by half.

Consider the brightness of the whole lamp

Solar street lights do not mean that the higher the power of the light source, the better. There are many manufacturers who falsely report the power, or buy low-lumen lamp beads to reduce costs. In fact, to achieve the same brightness, the lower the power of the light source, the better, which means that it saves electricity. Now on the market The luminous efficiency of the LED light sources of other companies is 80-100Lm/W, and the light decay is high, and the light decay reaches 15%-30% in 1 year. Light decay structure and process, the luminous efficiency reaches 130-140Lm/W, and the light decay is less than 4% for 10,000 hours. After testing, the actual light decay is only about 2-3%, and ouyadsolar‘s LED lamp beads directly emit a rectangular light spot. All the light is evenly distributed on the road, which greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the light source and the average illuminance, while the light spots emitted by the LED light sources of other companies are all circular or imaged with lenses (the loss of brightness is also nearly 10-20%), resulting in wasted light.

Consider the number of bright days that resist long cloudy and rainy days

At present, most solar street lights can achieve continuous rainy days for only 3-7 days, which is far from meeting the requirements of climate change around the world, because the continuous rainy days in most areas are more than 3-7 days, and our company's Solar street lights can reach 3-5 times that of conventional technology under the same configuration, up to 35 days of continuous cloudy and rainy days. Why is this? The patented solar street light controller invented by our company can make our company's solar LED street light save 70-85% of energy, which means that our company's solar street light consumes only 20% of the conventional solar LED street light with the same configuration (1- 80%=20%), which is 1/5, that is to say, through conventional technology, we can achieve 6 days of rainy weather, and we can achieve nearly 30 days of continuous rainy weather. Many people may ask me how did I do it? The principle is as follows:

A: The LED light source of solar street light adopts digital drive technology to save electricity by 20% compared with conventional technology

Most of the light sources used in solar street lights now use LEDs, and LED lighting requires an LED-driven cross-current source. The conventional constant current source needs to consume about 20% of the power of the entire lamp, and our company uses LED digital constant current source drive patent technology , the power of this digital constant current source is only 0.0625 (IC) W, which is almost negligible, which saves nearly 20% of the power consumption of our street lamps.

B: LED digital constant current source drive, to achieve intermittent power supply, saving nearly 50%

Conventional technology solar LED street lights must continuously supply power to the lamp beads when working, while our company's LED digital constant current source uses intermittent switching to supply power to the LED light source. LED is a light-emitting diode, which belongs to a semiconductor device. The characteristics of the semiconductor are the switching characteristics. It is different from the ordinary light source. It switches too many times and is easy to burn and damage. The design switching frequency is 10K-100KHz, half of the time per unit time is electricity and half of the time is not electricity, so that our company's solar street lights can save energy by 50% immediately. After testing, the actual energy saving is more than 47.3%. The heating and light decay of lamps are 30-40% lower than those of conventional constant current technology. The extremely short switching time is invisible to the human eye and analog light meters.

C: The late-night gradual energy-saving mode of the LED light source can save more than 15% of energy

In the second half of the night, the number of pedestrians and vehicles on the road will be greatly reduced, so you can set an energy-saving mode in the second half of the night. Through intelligent control technology, the power of the LED light source can be slowly reduced to the power you want, and then maintained until dawn, while some companys suddenly drops to a target value, which is very unfavorable to pedestrians and vehicles; generally, our design is to save about 15% of energy in the middle of the night, ensuring that there is still enough brightness.

How to use the solar lamp remote control

Common solar lamp remote control, generally have the following buttons, its meaning is represented:

  • *h is to set the time of the light is * hours;
  • The hollow circle sun is full brightness;
  • The semi-solid circle sun is semi-luminous;
  • ON is on;
  • OFF is off;
  • AUTO is automatically set from dark light on to dawn light off.

Solar lamp does not light up solution

The reason why the solar street lamp is not lit

Battery failure is one of the common reasons why solar lights do not turn on; There is also the controller of the solar lamp that has been damaged by wind and rain and lightning strikes; Damage to the light source of the lamp head will also cause the solar lamp to not be able to operate normally; SolarBegin reminded that the aging of the line may also be the reason why the lamp is not bright. If there is a problem that the solar street lights are not lit, it is necessary to find the cause and deal with it.

Solar street lights do not light how to repair

The best choice for the installation of solar street lamp batteries is lithium batteries, the service life is relatively long, and it is also necessary to pay attention to the voltage and capacity of the battery to match when installing.

If the controller is damaged, remove the original controller, select a controller that matches the same model, and debug it.

If it is because the solar lamp head light source is damaged, it can only be replaced, the welding should be firm, and the line should be repaired.

What brand of solar light is good?

  1. Philips
  2. opple
  3. veter light


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